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Resolving disputes under the B.C. Builders Lien Act  is the focus of our Construction Law Practice.  The Builders Lien Act  is a complicated set of legislation with unforgiving rules and deadlines.  For example, the amount of a lien, once filed, cannot be changed, and the 45 days filing deadline for a lien, once missed, cannot be extended.

For contractors, workers, and material suppliers, we offer a full range of services, such as the preparation and filing of a lien, dispute resolution, and if needed, litigation.

For homeowners and property managers, we are experienced with the Act  and can properly defend a lien claim.

Please call us for more info regarding our services and fees.  Our popular services include:

Preparation and Filing of Lien - From $300

Should you hire a lawyer to file your lien?  Yes, having a properly filed lien and accordingly, having security for your claim is worth it!

Discharge of Lien - From $175

Congratulations, you got paid!  We will hold the money from the payor in trust, remove the lien, and cut you a cheque.

Enforcing or Defending a Lien - CALL US!

This is important especially if you are approaching the 1 year deadline for taking action on a lien or if you plan to sell your home.  If you are selling your home, we can usually free the title of your home from the lien so that you can complete your sale. 


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